Dec 132013
Things to Buy in Bulk

Raising twins has taught us to do things efficiently. One pregnancy, two babies, right? In our case, we’d already had a single child; we knew what that was like. Then reality sets in. There are also twice as many mouths to feed, diapers to change, and jammies to put on every night. It’s much harder to […]

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Sep 262013
Toddler Toy Storage Ideas

There’s something about having multiple toddler-age children that amplifies the toy factor exponentially. You’d think that one of each toy would be enough, but it’s not, because each child wants what the other has. And if there’s an older, faster, stronger sibling around, chances are she’ll take both toys and then neither toddler is happy. […]

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Aug 092013
Taking Toddlers to the Ball Game

This week, against our better judgement, we took our three toddlers (2-year-old boys and their 4-year-old sister) to their first major league baseball game. We’ve been watching games on TV in the evenings, and they’re old enough to be a little bit interested. That said, taking all three kids downtown in the evening for a […]

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