Jul 152013
Must-Have Double Stroller Accessories

When you’re raising twins, the double stroller is more than just another piece of baby gear. It’s your mobile base camp and center of operations. Any time that we plan an outing, from a walk around the block to a seven-day road trip, choosing the right stroller is the first and most important decision. Tandem […]

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Jul 102013
Twin Babies Talking

Twin talk has always fascinated me, and when we had twins I wondered if they might develop their own secret language. Like many, I first learned about twin talk from the movie Nell, but later I met actual twins who had had their own communication when younger. I met a girl whose twin brother didn’t […]

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Jun 162013
Educational Wooden Toys for Toddlers

We live in a modern world, one in which many cherished traditions are left behind. And while I love all of our musical, flashy, attention-keeping toys as much as the next parent, there’s something to be said for the classics. I’m talking about solid wood. The simpler, sturdier toys of our own childhoods are hard […]

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Jun 112013
Traveling with Twins, Part II

A few months ago,  I posted an article with 12 toddler travel tips inspired by our first few summer road trips with the twins. In part, I was also ramping up for the big show — loading up the whole family for a week-long vacation up north. My four-year-old girl and twin 2-year-old boys were quick […]

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May 272013
Summer Safety for Families

Summer offers myriad opportunities to let your little ones enjoy the outdoors. Parks, backyards, family road trips, and even screened-in porches are great place to let them burn off that seemingly-endless energy while you relax in the shade. And yet, summer has its perils as well. Unleashing the little krakens outdoors might seem harmless. Keeping […]

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