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Games are a tradition at most baby showers, and hosting a baby shower for twins makes for some creative options. Since just 3% of pregnancies are for multiples, this is your chance to do something new, entertaining, and memorable for the guests.

Here are some game ideas to double the fun at your twin baby shower! We break them down into three categories: competitive games, timed games, and ongoing (throughout the shower) games.

Competitive Shower Games

These games pit your competitive-minded guests against one another, either individually or in teams.

Diaper game for twin shower

The Diaper Game Kit: 3 games and 12 mini-diapers

Twin Diaper Race

Divide guests into teams of two to see who can put diapers on twin baby dolls in the shortest time. The catch is this: each participant can use only one hand. Whether they work together on one doll at a time, or each try to do one on their own, is up to them. This shower game is hilarious to watch and your guests will enjoy it. For extra difficulty, use cloth diapers and clothespins instead of disposable diapers.

Animals on Noah’s Ark

There were two animals on Noah’s Ark, and undoubtedly there were lots of little babies soon thereafter. In this game, you challenge the guests to write down as many baby animals as they can in 30 seconds. Puppy, kitten, fawn, chick, foal, gosling, calf, joey, and whelp will get you started.

Memory Challenge Game

In this popular twin shower game, the hostess displays a tray of items to guests for a short period of time. On the tray are lots of baby-related items — baby shoes, baby socks, hats, bottles, pacifiers, and that sort of thing. For some, there are two of the item on the tray, for some there’s just one. Then she puts the tray away, and guests have to write down how many things they remember being displayed.

Here’s the catch: they get two points for every item remembered, as long as there were two of them on the tray. They lose one point for each guess where there was only one item on the tray.

Timed Shower Games

Get out your stopwatch for these timed games. You can use a chalkboard or dry erase board to keep score so that everyone knows the “time to beat.”

twin shower sock game

Pairing cute baby socks is a fun game for twin showers

Pair Baby Socks

This is a simple shower game that requires a dozen different pairs of baby socks and a stopwatch. You jumble up all of the socks, then each participant must match them up as quickly as possible. The fastest time gets the prize! Alternatively, you can set a time limit of fifteen seconds, and count how many pairs each participant puts together.

When the game is over, you can give the pairs of socks to the expectant mother as a little gift.

Shower Scavenger Hunt

Here’s a great icebreaker that will have everyone talking and meeting one another. Each guest receives a bag with five single items that usually come in pairs. These could be:

  • Baby socks or baby shoes
  • Stuffed or toy animals
  • Baby mittens
  • Shoelaces
  • Earrings

Guests mingle with one another, searching for the match for each item they have. When they find it, they must remember the name of the person with the match and what it was. The first to match all five items wins!

Twin peas in pod game

Pass the twin babies!

Twin Baby Hot Potato

For this game, everyone sits in a circle. You pass around two matching twin baby dolls while music plays. When the music stops (or the timer goes off), the people holding the babies are out. Make this game a little more challenging by requiring that the babies are handled as if they’re real: supporting the head, and certainly not dropping them. The last two in the circle win!

I recommend the Manhattan Toy Snuggle Pods dolls for this; they’re soft and small and can be given (in the included pea pod) as a gift to the mother or soon-to-be siblings of the twins.

Ongoing Shower Games

These games continue during the shower, so they’re lots of fun. There’s no rush, there’s not as much super-competitiveness, but the tension builds slowly as the shower goes on.

Twin shower bingo game

Baby Shower Bingo Cards

Twins Baby Bingo

Twin shower bingo is just like regular bingo, only the spaces are words or pictures like “Twins”, “Baby”, “Diaper”, “Bottle”, and that sort of thing. You can easily make these bingo cards yourself (just make sure that they’re all unique).

Guests have to get five in a row, and when they win, they have to shout out “TWINS!” or maybe even “TWINGO!”

Never Say “Twins”

This game is fun and simple. Every guest receives a clothespin (either pink or blue) when they arrive. They keep it with them during the shower, possibly wearing it on their clothes.

It’s very tempting to say the word “twins” during a twin baby shower. Whenever a guest does, someone can take her clothespin. Whoever ends up with the most clothespins at the end of the shower wins a prize!

my water broke shower game

“My Water Broke” ice cubes

My Water Broke Game

I saved my best twin shower game for last. The My Water Broke game requires a little bit of preparation. You make ice cubes, each with a little plastic baby (or two, since it’s a twin baby shower) inside. Keep in mind that these will need about two hours in a freezer to solidify.

Your guests will be surprised and entertained to see this in their drinks. When the ice melts enough, the baby floats free to the top. The guest then yells “My Water Broke!”

Everyone will love this and you can expect a lot of laughs. To select a winner, set a clock time that’s “full term” (37 weeks) and whoever’s water breaks closest to that wins.

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