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how-to-pack-diaper-bagWhen you’re out and about with little ones, a well-stocked diaper bag is beyond essential. For us, the diaper bag is a portable base camp: a source of snacks, entertainment, and extra outfits for occasions that require them. And because we have twins, it’s double of just about everything! This is a guide to packing the perfect diaper bag.

Choosing A Diaper Bag

When you’re packing for twins, many standard bags won’t cut it. You need cargo room and plenty of pockets! Check out our reviews of diaper bags for twins to see what I’m talking about. Small- to medium-sized backpacks also work well, especially if you’re traveling on buses, trains, planes, or automobiles. Sometimes you just need both hands (and arms) free. Familiarize yourself with the diaper bag. Make sure you know about all the hidden pockets and zippers and key clips.

Before you go any farther, label your diaper bag with your name and phone number. A luggage tag works great for this. You probably wouldn’t get half a mile or 20 minutes without needing it, but better safe than sorry.

Diaper Changing Items

Let’s start out with the basics: everything you need to change the diapers of two little ones while you’re on the go.

  • Diapers. Depending on your twins’ age, size, and diet, you might need 15-20 diapers per day. Carrying more than that tends to hog too much diaper bag space.
  • Wipes. Do you ever notice how the wipes are the hardest thing to find in the diaper bag? Address this by carrying 2-3 travel packs or “refill bags” with 15-20 wipes each. That gives you 2-3 wipes per diaper, which should be enough.
  • Changing pad. Don’t forget this critical item! Not only will it offer your twins a soft and familiar surface to lay on, but it protects them the likely germ-ridden surface of public changing tables. Or, if you’re visiting friends, a changing pad’s protection works the other way around. The Kushies deluxe changing pad is a good way to go; it’s sturdy, waterproof, and available in 20 different designs.
  • Diaper rash cream. Riding around in a car seat or double stroller tends to encourage diaper rashes. There are plenty of diaper creams out there, but I’ve never encountered one that works as well as Dr. Smith’s.

Clothes and Blankets

Accidents happen. If there’s one thing we’ve learned while raising toddler boys, you can never have enough spare blankets and outfits. We try not to allow the diaper bag to become a traveling wardrobe, but we do allow a few essentials.

  • Extra outfits. In our case, that’s one for each boy and some days it’s just enough. Footed onesies are okay, but pant/shirt combinations are especially nice because you can swap out whatever’s soiled.
  • Pajamas. Often when we’re packing the diaper bag, it’s for an afternoon or evening trip and we know it’ll be dark coming home. The twins go to bed early, so we pack pajamas to change them into before heading home.
  • 2 blankies. Receiving blankets can ride in the diaper bag all the time; they have so many uses. If it’s nighttime (or we’re headed on a trip), we break out the big guns: our uer-soft Aden+Anais blankets.

Feeding, Drinking, and Teething

We like to pack a diaper bag with everything for keeping the little ones happy, and that entails some food and drink. Depending on your baby’s age, that could mean anything from bottles to sippy cups to snack bowls.

  • Bottles with caps and nipples, or sippy cups with lids. These are especially useful if you stop at a restaurant or hit the drive-thru and want to give your little ones a drink.
  • Snack bowls with snap-up lids. We’ll load these with yogurt bites, puffs, crackers, or some other finger food that stores well and that our kids can eat on their own.
  • Packets of cookies or fruit snacks. Just the right size to throw back to our 3-year-old in the minivan.
  • Pacifiers. You can never have too many.

Baby Medical Supplies

It never hurts to take a few basic medicine items with you.

  • Orajel for teething pain. This is absolutely critical when your babies are teething, because they’ll refuse to eat and drink (and generally be miserable) until you get some teething relief gel.
  • Children’s pain reliever. A small bottle of children’s Tylenol or Advil with measuring syringe comes in handy, especially if we’re headed to the pediatrician’s office.
  • Q-tips. Plenty of uses for these!


Last but not least, we pack the diaper bag with things to keep our kids entertained. You never know when you’ll be waiting in the checkout line or at the doctor’s office. Being able to pull out a book, toy, game, or other distraction can often save the day. The pocket-size books are great for this, are are matchbox cars.

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