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twin halloween costume ideasHolidays are a lot of fun for parents of multiples, and Halloween is often a favorite. Having two (or more) matched siblings, so to speak, opens up all kinds of adorable costume possibilities. From pumpkins to peapods, lions and tigers, Batman and Robin, to our favorite Sesame Street characters, here are the top contenders for this year.

Peapod and Pumpkin Costumes

You can’t go wrong with baby vegetables – be it the classic “baby peas in a pod” theme costume or your own little punkin patch.

Twin baby Peapod costume Twin baby Pumpkin costume

Baby Bunting Peas in a Pod Costume

Twin Peapod costume reviews
A soft green bunting that velcros behind the neck and can open at the bottom for easy diaper changes.
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Infant Punkin Cutie Pie Costume

Twin Pumpkin costume reviews
This “pumpkin pullover” includes leaves and a hat with a little green stem. Adorable.
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Lion and Tiger Costumes

I just love dressing our twins as little animals, and these “big cats” are a great combination.

Twin baby lion costume Twin baby tiger costume

Lil Characters Unisex-baby Infant Lion Costume

Twin lion costume reviews
This adorable baby lion costume comes with lined jumpsuit, hood and slip on booties.
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Lil Characters Unisex-baby Infant Tiger Costume

Twin tiger costume reviews
This little tiger costume is a hooded jumpsuit with adorable skid-resistant footies.
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Mario, Luigi, and Friends

If your kids love the Mario brothers as much as ours do, here are four great options.

Twin baby costume Twin baby luigi costume

Mario Costume

It goes without saying that the alpha twin gets to be Mario.
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Luigi Costume

For your green-loving twin, here’s Mario’s brother Luigi.
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Twin baby costume Twin baby yoshi costume

Princess Peach

You can’t go wrong with this Princess Peach costume. It’s adorbs.
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Yoshi Costume

Pair up anyone with Yoshi, or let a sibling join the fun.
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Twin Superheroes: Batman and Robin

Nothing is cuter than dressing your little twins as a superhero pair. Batman and Robin might be my favorite.

Twin baby batman costume Twin baby robin costume

Deluxe Muscle Chest Batman Child Costume

Twin batman costume reviews
The complete Batman costume: jumpsuit with “muscles”, boot tops, cape, belt, and mask.
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Teen Titans Robin Romper Costume

Twin robin costume reviews
The classic Robin uniform as a red-and-green romper, with black cape and mask included.
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Twin baby superman costume Twin baby wonder woman costume

Superman Romper with Removable Cape

Let’s not forget about the man of steel. This romper has a removable cape.
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Wonder Woman Costume

How cute is the Wonder Woman onesie with headpiece?.
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Star Wars Costumes for Twins

One of the best things about the new Star Wars movies is the expanded set of costume options.

Twin BB-8 baby costume Twin baby R2-D2 costume

BB-8 Droid Costume

BB-8 has got to be the most popular Star Wars droid ever.
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R2-D2 Twin Costume

What better to match BB-8 than the original lovable droid, R2-D2?
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Twin baby costume Twin baby Chewbacca costume

Yoda, Jedi Master

A little kid in a Yoda costume is just the best.
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Chewbacca Costume

For your less verbal twin, Chewbacca’s always an option.
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Finding Nemo Costumes for Twins

If your kids love the Finding Nemo and Finding Dory movies, here are some colorful options.

Twin Nemo baby costume Twin baby Dory costume

Nemo Costume

A cute, colorful, costume. Just don’t let your twin get lost.
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Dory Costume

The matching blue tang costume for your forgetful little twin.
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Twins on Sesame Street: Elmo and Cookie Monster

A couple of Sesame Street characters make for a great twin halloween costume. Who doesn’t love Elmo and Cookie Monster?

Twin baby elmo costume Twin baby cookie monster costume

Elmo Comfy Fur Costume

Twin Elmo costume reviews
A plush, comfortable Elmo costume (jumpsuit and headpiece) that’s easy to take on and off.
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Cookie Monster Two-Sided Plush Costume

Twin Cookie Monster costume reviews
Plush on both the outside and inside! Your little one will love this costume and its googly eyes.
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