Oct 162014
12 Fall Family Activities

Fall is my favorite season, a time of change when the cool weather means long sleeves and regular use of the crockpot. As the mosquitoes and heat of summer relent, it’s the perfect time to take your family outside for a last hurrah. Remember, winter is coming. So is cabin fever and flu season. You […]

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Jul 212014
6 Ways to Contain and Entertain Your Twins

Having twins or multiples at home can be overwhelming. One of the hardest parts is simply multitasking – finding some way to entertain one twin while you nurse or feed or change the diaper of the other. This is a problem that’s magnified ten times when your little ones start crawling, and twenty times again […]

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Jun 282014
Summer Safety for Toddlers

Summer’s finally here, and with two extremely energetic twin boys in the home, I’m obviously thinking about all of the trouble and harm they might get into. Say what you want about winter in the temperate zones, but at least it forces us indoors where things are *reasonably* safe. I say “reasonably” because we’ve had […]

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Feb 092014
Twin Boys Are Like Velociraptors

Our twin boys are just wrapping up their terrible two’s. So much of watching them grow, learn to talk, show personality, and try new things has been pure delight. At the same time, keeping our boys out of trouble is simply exhausting. They’re fast, devious, and curious about everything. You know what else falls into […]

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