Parenting Twins

Advice for parents of twins and multiples

Jun 282014
Summer Safety for Toddlers

Summer’s finally here, and with two extremely energetic twin boys in the home, I’m obviously thinking about all of the trouble and harm they might get into. Say what you want about winter in the temperate zones, but at least it forces us indoors where things are *reasonably* safe. I say “reasonably” because we’ve had […]

Apr 192013
Fun Outdoor Activities for Toddlers

There’s something truly magical about the days you take your toddlers outside to play. After a long, cold winter, our twins had a severe case of cabin fever. The first few days, they’re just happy with a change in scenery. Now is the perfect time for outdoor activities, because it’s too early for sunburns or […]

Mar 242013
Sleep Training with Twins

Sleep training is one of the most challenging aspects of parenting newborns, and it’s even harder with multiples. For one thing, there’s twice as many babies to change, feed, burp, and tuck into bed at every nap time. Also, you encounter the classic problem of one fussy baby waking up the other. Over and over […]

Jan 252013
How to Pack a Diaper Bag

When you’re out and about with little ones, a well-stocked diaper bag is beyond essential. For us, the diaper bag is a portable base camp: a source of snacks, entertainment, and extra outfits for occasions that require them. And because we have twins, it’s double of just about everything! This is a guide to packing […]

Jan 142013
12 Travel Tips for Toddlers

We recently undertook a brave (and probably insane) experience: an international trip with three kids under the age of four. Was it worth it? Definitely? Were we insane? Probably. And yet we managed to come back alive. Traveling with toddlers wasn’t easy most of the time, but it gave us the confidence to undertake new […]