Feb 262014
Double Stroller Reviews

There are a few baby products made just for twins that I’d consider essential, and first on that list is a double stroller. This is also a product where you need to do your homework! Between my twin boys and their older sister, we’ve had six different strollers in three years. Three of these are [...]

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Feb 092014
Twin Boys Are Like Velociraptors

Our twin boys are just wrapping up their terrible two’s. So much of watching them grow, learn to talk, show personality, and try new things has been pure delight. At the same time, keeping our boys out of trouble is simply exhausting. They’re fast, devious, and curious about everything. You know what else falls into [...]

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Dec 132013
Things to Buy in Bulk

Raising twins has taught us to do things efficiently. One pregnancy, two babies, right? In our case, we’d already had a single child; we knew what that was like. Then reality sets in. There are also twice as many mouths to feed, diapers to change, and jammies to put on every night. It’s much harder to [...]

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