Apr 232017
The Two Best Video Monitors for Twins

Nothing is more rewarding than getting both of your twins down to sleep at the same time. You tiptoe out of the room, congratulate yourself, and kick back to relax. Then the worry sets in. Are the twins both asleep? Are they safely positioned in the middle of the crib? You’d like to peek in, […]

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Apr 182017
Twin Baby Shower Games

Twin Baby Shower: Theme Ideas | Games | Invites Games are a tradition at most baby showers, and hosting a baby shower for twins makes for some creative options. Since just 3% of pregnancies are for multiples, this is your chance to do something new, entertaining, and memorable for the guests. Here are some game ideas […]

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Oct 122016
Twin Halloween Costume Ideas

Holidays are a lot of fun for parents of multiples, and Halloween is often a favorite. Having two (or more) matched siblings, so to speak, opens up all kinds of adorable costume possibilities. From pumpkins to peapods, lions and tigers, Batman and Robin, to our favorite Sesame Street characters, here are the top contenders for this […]

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Oct 062015
Double Stroller Reviews

There are a few baby products made just for twins that I’d consider essential, and first on that list is a double stroller. This is also a product where you need to do your homework! Between my twin boys and their older sister, we’ve had six different strollers in three years. Three of these are […]

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Dec 252014
Diaper Bags for Twins

If you ever manage to leave the house with your twins while they’re still in diapers, you’ll need a good diaper bag. Nearly all of the supplies you need to change a baby are essentially doubled – diapers and wipes, spare outfits, toys, everything. You need a diaper bag with capacity! At the same time, […]

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