Jul 152012
8 Ways to Help New Parents of Twins

It’s a joyous event when a close friend or relative gives birth to twins. Even before the delivery, a twin pregnancy often brings an outpouring of offers to the expecting parents. While these are offered with good intentions, it’s important to realize that having twins and bringing them home is usually a very stressful event. […]

Jul 132012
Should Twins Share A Crib?

When you find out that you’re having twins or triplets, there’s a swirl of emotions – joy, excitement, and disbelief in particular. At some point the practical side of you speaks up: oh crap, how are we ever going to survive? Emotionally and financially, that is. Before we found out we were having twins, we […]

Jul 092012
Babyproofing for Twins and Multiples

Babyproofing is not a one-time process that removes every possible hazard. It’s a continual battle, a war of attrition as babies discover new dangerous and/or forbidden things in your house as fast as you can remove them. With twins, proactive babyproofing is critical, because there’s twice as many searching eyes and probing fingers. As soon […]