Dec 302012
Teach Your Baby to Walk

Babies learn to walk at different speeds and accomplish it at different ages. Walking is not only an important developmental milestone, but also a convenience, so many parents are eager to know when their babies can learn to walk and how they (the parents) can help teach them. Our youngest son was a late walker, to […]

Sep 042012
How to Help Teething Babies

We just returned from our traditional Labor Day weekend trip to the lake. The weather was some of the nicest we’ve had all year, including a day and a half of some much-needed rain. Grandma and Grandpa were there to help out, which we really appreciate when chasing after all three little ones. Our 3-year […]

Aug 242012
When Twins Learn to Walk

Despite a shared environment and age, twins are different in many ways. Our boys, now 15 months old, are the perfect example of this. One of them started walking about a month ago. He’s already quite confident at it. Too confident, if you ask me. His over-eagerness combined with the lurching, unsteady gait of a […]

Aug 012012
7 Books for New Parents of Twins

A while back, I asked a friend of mine what it was like going from one baby to two (he had two daughters at the time). He said, “You know, when you have one kid, how there’s half an hour every day that you get to yourself? To do what you want to do?” “Sure,” […]