Jul 032012
About Twin Pregnancies

A pregnancy with twins is an exciting time, and one undoubtedly filled with lots of questions. Compared to our first child (a daughter), the twin pregnancy was similar in some ways, but different in many. Contents Detecting Twins Pregnancy Symptoms with Twins Medical Care for Twin Pregnancies Detecting Twins When you’re pregnant with twins or […]

Jul 022012
Twin Baby Names

I was looking through my new baby names book and came upon a list of the most popular twin baby names for boys and girls. We decided not to find out the gender of our twins in advance, so we’d picked out four names (two boys, two girls). And they were all on the list! […]

Jul 022012
Types of Twins

Twins are a wonder of nature. There are basically two types of twins, defined by their genetic relationship: identical twins (monozygotic twins) and fraternal twins (dizygotic twins). Contents: Identical (Monozygotic) Twins Fraternal (Dizygotic) Twins Monozygotic vs. Dizygotic Twins Identical (Monozygotic) Twins Identical twins came from a single egg that split into two. They’re genetically identical […]