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I was looking through my new baby names book and came upon a list of the most popular twin baby names for boys and girls. We decided not to find out the gender of our twins in advance, so we’d picked out four names (two boys, two girls). And they were all on the list!
Twin Boy Names
Twin Girl Names
Twin Boy/Girl Names

Twin Boy Names

Boy Twins

Twin Boys (Flickr: clangboomsteam)

Jacob & Joshua
Matthew & Michael
Daniel & David
Isaac & Isaiah
Taylor & Tyler
Landon & Logan
Brandon & Bryan
Christian & Christopher
Andrew & Matthew
Joseph & Joshua
Ethan & Evan
Jacob & Joseph
Alexander & Benjamin
Caleb & Joshua
Joshua & Matthew
Nathan & Nicholas
Andrew & Anthony
Elijah & Isaiah
Alexander & Nicholas
Jeremiah & Joshua
Jacob & Zachary
Logan & Luke
Benjamin & Samuel
Christopher & Nicholas
Nathan & Noah
Alexander & Christopher
James & John
John & William
Jordan & Justin
Alexander & Anthony
Andrew & William
Christopher & Matthew
Jacob & Jordan
Joseph & Michael
Alexander & Andrew
Andrew & Jacob
Elijah & Ethan
Jacob & Matthew
Jacob & Samuel
James & Joseph
Jordan & Joshua
Matthew & Ryan
Nicholas & Noah
Jason & Justin
Benjamin & Jacob
Ethan & Nathan
Jacob & Justin
Jacob & Tyler
Jonathan & Joshua
Jose & Juan
Logan & Lucas
Mark & Matthew
Robert & William
Alexander & William
Cameron & Christian
Joseph & Nicholas
Joshua & Zachary
Parker & Preston

Twin Girl Names

Girl Twins

Twin Girls (Flickr: teresia)

Hailey & Hannah
Ella & Emma
Madison & Morgan
Gabriella & Isabella
Faith & Hope
Mackenzie & Madison
Isabella & Sophia
Jayden & Jordan
Olivia & Sophia
Ava & Emma
Haley & Hannah
Megan & Morgan
Isabella & Olivia
Ava & Olivia
Emma & Grace
Emma & Hannah
Jennifer & Jessica
Makayla & Mackenzie
Natalie & Nicole
Ava & Sophia
Emma & Olivia
Grace & Olivia
Abigail & Emily
Abigail & Emma
Anna & Emma
Ashley & Emily
Ava & Ella
Emily & Sarah
Grace & Hannah
Hannah & Sarah
Madison & Megan
Jayden & Jaylen

Twin Boy & Girl Names

Boy Girl Twin Names

Boy/Girl Twins (Flickr: EtanSivad)

Madison & Matthew
Emily & Ethan
Madison & Mason
Emma & Ethan
Hayden & Hunter
Zachary & Zoe
Gabriel & Michael
Samuel & Sophia
Emma & Jacob
Emma & William
Jaden & Jordan
Natalie & Nathan

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  6 Responses to “Twin Baby Names”

  1. What are your favorite baby names for twins? Please share!

    • We’re expecting twins (what the doctors call Spontaneous) twins and we will be finding out the genders, (finding out we’re having twins was surprise enough!!) We have 4 names that we absolutely adore (2 girls 2 boys) and we’ll be finding out in 4 weeks what our babies are!

      Here are the names:

      Devin Clarence (middle name for my grandfather)
      Simon Glendon (middle name for his grandfather)
      Chloe Edna (Middle name for his grandmother)
      Zoey Ann ( Middle name for my grandmother)

      For Boy/girl- Devin and Chloe 🙂

  2. […] you get fawned over when you have twins or triplets. Get ready for that. Everyone wants to know the twins’ names and if they’re […]

  3. I love the girl and boy twin names Hayden and Hunter, for the girl twins i like Jayden and Jordan and Mackenzie and Madison and for the boys i like Taylor and Tyler and Landon and Logan. I also made up some for each one: Girl twins: Hayden and Elsa, Hayden and Haylen, Kinsey and Adelaide and Harper and Harley. Boy twins: Knox and Loxley, Monroe and Presley, Benjamin and Sebastian and Oliver and Charlie.
    Boy/girl twins: Hudson and Haley, Archer and Lola, Hanna and Holden and Cooper and Carter. Carter for the girl and Cooper for the boy.

  4. For twin boys I think Israel and Jazreel would be cool.For twin girls I love Mackenzie and Madison and for a boy and girl I think Keanne and Jeanne would be nice. (Jeanne for girl and keanne for boy ).

  5. anybody have a girl name that would fit with Christopher being her twin brother/

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