Jul 152013
Must-Have Double Stroller Accessories

When you’re raising twins, the double stroller is more than just another piece of baby gear. It’s your mobile base camp and center of operations. Any time that we plan an outing, from a walk around the block to a seven-day road trip, choosing the right stroller is the first and most important decision. Tandem […]

May 182013
Twin Car Seat and Stroller Systems

Choosing car seats for twins can be tough. There are so many choices out there! That’s why I like the idea of car seats that both fit into a double stroller, also called a travel system. Most of the time, the stroller accommodates infant car seats when your twins are younger, but also has normal […]

Jan 312013
Twin Toddler Bed Reviews

Toddler beds are an intermediate step between the crib and the adult-size twin or double bed. You know it’s time for one when your toddler gains the ability to climb out of the crib. Once it can’t contain him or her any longer, the crib is actually a danger because of potential falls. An adult-size […]

Dec 092012
9 Great Gifts for Twin Babies

About 3% of pregnancies result in multiple births, which means the odds are good you’ll need to shop for gifts for twins sometime in the near future. And they’re not always easy to come up with. I’ll let you in on a little secret: one easy solution is to pick your favorite baby gift (that […]

Aug 042012
Best Kids Wagon: Pathfinder by Radio Flyer

The Radio Flyer wagon is our secret weapon. This classic form of kid transport has been around for decades, but its current form is highly evolved. The cadillac of Radio Flyers is the Pathfinder, a two-seater hard plastic wagon with seat belts and a storage compartment underneath. We’ve been using this wagon since before the […]