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gift ideas for twin babiesAbout 3% of pregnancies result in multiple births, which means the odds are good you’ll need to shop for gifts for twins sometime in the near future. And they’re not always easy to come up with. I’ll let you in on a little secret: one easy solution is to pick your favorite baby gift (that you’d get for a shower or birthday) and just buy two of them.

Of course that may not be good enough for you, if the goal is to find a super-cute gift that’s themed around twins or multiples.

Twin Gift Ideas

We have twin boys, and my cousin has boy-girl twins, so I’ve seen a lot of twin gifts. Here are a few of my all-time favorites, sure to impress a room of onlookers at a shower or birthday party. Not to mention the parents of the twins being celebrated. These are people whose good side you want to stay on, because they are the gatekeepers of all future adorable twin photos.

Twin Blankets and Cuddle Toys

Soft, cute blankets and cuddle toys make great gifts, especially when the come in double packages designed just for twins.

Twin Cuddle Blanket Gift

Angel Dear Cuddle Twin Set

These two identical blankies for newborns come in a reusable box, and about 20 different cute identical animal options. They’re lightweight and machine-washable. According to the reviews, many parents get these for newborns that aren’t twins; if they become attached and lose one, there’s always an identical backup. Great idea!

Twin Peas in a pod Gift

Two Peas In A Pod Soft Toy

This toy has two identical dolls made of soft, silky fabrics in a green pea pod. They’re in gender-neutral colors (green, yellow, and purple) and have sweet little sleeping expressions. The dolls fall easily out of the pea pod (it’s mostly for show) but they’re a great size for snuggling.

Books About Twins

I’ve written an entire article on my favorite books for parents of twins, but there are also some excellent children’s books for twins. These make great gifts both for the twin babies, and for their siblings (who live with twins day in and day out).

Twin to Twin Book Gift

Twin to Twin by Margaret O’Hair

A cute book about a brother-and-sister twin pair who share a meal, play outside, get a bath, create some messes (of course) and eventually are tucked into bed by smiling parents.

Celebration of Twins book

Take Two!: A Celebration of Twins by J. Patrick Lewis

This book is a collection of poems, pictures, and little facts about twins by two celebrated children’s authors. Clever rhymes about rockets to the moon, the old woman in the shoe, and other anecdotes make this a great book for twins or the people who love them.

Two is for Twins Gift Book

Two is for Twins by Wendy Cheyette Lewison

This book is all about things that come in pairs — bicycle wheels, hands, bluebird wings — with humor and great cadence for reading aloud. It celebrates sharing and playing and the best things about twinship. We own this one (the board book) and got it for our daughter when we learned that our twin boys were on the way. A fun read.

Who loves me twins book

Who Loves Me? for Twins Personalized Book

Here’s a great and unique gift idea for twins that you can do if their names are already picked out. It’s a personalized baby book from I See Me Children’s Books. Not only does the cover feature the twins’ names, but the story itself features 6 different spreads with the names of people who love them.

  • This book is designed for twins or two siblings
  • It measures 8.5″ x 8.5″ and is in hardcover
  • 20 pages, perfect for children 0 to 6 years
  • Takes 2 weeks to arrive after ordering

Outfits for Twins

Last but not least, there are many cute outfits for twins. This is the kind of gift you can have a lot of fun with, because you can tailor the outfits to the twins’ genders and personalities.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 Newborn Onesie Gift set

This gift set is just adorable for twins: Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Dr. Seuss. We received it as a gift for our boys and got some adorable photos. Extra points if you can find blue wigs or Cat-in-the-Hat hats to go with it!

twin girls gift set

Twin Girls Gift Set with 2 Bodysuits

These are matched pink onesies for twin girls; there are a lot of cute little sayings available from “Yes, we’re twins!” to “She did it!” (with an arrow pointing sideways) to “If you think I’m good looking, you should see my twin!”.

Boy and girl twins gift set

Twin Baby Gift Set for Boy/Girl Twins

For boy/girl twin sets, these blue-and-pink onesie gift sets are a good option. I like the pair that says “Monkey see” and “Monkey do” and also “My twin drives me bananas!”. Or the more subtle barcode with one that says “1/2” and the other says “2/2”.

Twin boys gift set

Twin Boys Gift Set with 2 Bodysuits

For boys, you can get a pair of matched blue onesies or black onesies with cute little phrases like “Copy” and “Paste” or “We’re cute” or “I heart my twin.” My personal favorite, and one I wish I had for my boys, says “BYOB. Party. Our room. 3 a.m.”

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