Aug 092013
Taking Toddlers to the Ball Game

This week, against our better judgement, we took our three toddlers (2-year-old boys and their 4-year-old sister) to their first major league baseball game. We’ve been watching games on TV in the evenings, and they’re old enough to be a little bit interested. That said, taking all three kids downtown in the evening for a […]

Jul 102013
Twin Babies Talking

Twin talk has always fascinated me, and when we had twins I wondered if they might develop their own secret language. Like many, I first learned about twin talk from the movie Nell, but later I met actual twins who had had their own communication when younger. I met a girl whose twin brother didn’t […]

Jun 112013
Traveling with Twins, Part II

A few months ago,  I posted an article with 12 toddler travel tips inspired by our first few summer road trips with the twins. In part, I was also ramping up for the big show — loading up the whole family for a week-long vacation up north. My four-year-old girl and twin 2-year-old boys were quick […]

May 272013
Summer Safety for Families

Summer offers myriad opportunities to let your little ones enjoy the outdoors. Parks, backyards, family road trips, and even screened-in porches are great place to let them burn off that seemingly-endless energy while you relax in the shade. And yet, summer has its perils as well. Unleashing the little krakens outdoors might seem harmless. Keeping […]