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First impressions are everything, and for a baby shower, that means the invitation. Twin baby showers offer the unique chance to do something special. The invitation offers the first hint of that. There are some cute ones out there for twin showers! We picked nine of our favorite twin shower invitations to feature here.
Tall Invitations
Wide Invitations
Square Invitations

Tall Twin Shower Invitations

These shower invitations are tall (as opposed to wide) but there quite adorable. The Baby Seuss invitation is generic (and could apply to twins or to single babies), but if you have a Dr. Seuss theme it’s ideal. The Baby Cheetah stroller invitation was just my favorite in appearance, and the one on the right (baby bottles) has pink and blue for girl/boy twins.

Dr seuss baby shower invitations Cheetah Twin Shower Invites Twin Bottles Shower Invites
Baby Dr. Seuss
These Baby Dr. Seuss invitations are perfect for your Thing 1 / Thing 2 or One Fish, Two Fish baby shower.
Baby Cheetah Twins
This cute invitation features cheetah twin strollers with vines and spots all around.
Baby Bottles
For a boy-girl twin shower (or a coed baby shower), the pink and blue bottle makes a good first impression.

Wide Twin Shower Invitations

The wide baby shower invitation seems to be more popular for twin showers, and that’s probably because they depict pairs of items side-by-side… my favorites below feature bassinets, baby buggies, double tweetie birds, or twin onesies. All four of these can be customized!

Twin Bassinets Shower Invitation Double Buggy Shower Invites
Twin Bassinets
This is an elegant invitation for boy-girl twin showers, with classic baby bassinets in blue and pink. I also love the fancy script used for the name of the mom-to-be.
Double Buggy
These cute twin shower invitations have bright colors that work for any expectation: twin boys, twin girls, or boy-girl twins.
Sweet Tweets Shower Invitations Twin Onesies Shower Invitations
Sweet Tweets in Pink
This is probably my favorite twin shower invitation ever -Double Sweet with tweetie birds. It’s modern, stylish, and easy to read. The pink version is shown; this invitation also comes in blue for twin boys.
Sunshine Twins
This cute invitation features twin onesies. The text around the border reads “a special delivery… double sweet… it’s twins… two is better than one.”

Square Shower Invitations

Last but not least are these customizable square invitations from Minted.com. You don’t see as many square invitations these days (probably due to the extra postage) so they really stand out. For both of these there are multiple color choices; I chose to show the boy/girl twin themed one.

Twin Binks Square Invitation Cupcakes Twin Shower Invites
Twin Binks Baby Shower Invitations
The twin binkie (pacifiers) shower invitation is a simple but classy way to go. You can customize it with all of the necessary info.
Double Cupcake Shower Invitations
I get hungry just looking at this invitation, which reads “Double the cake, double the fun”. This customizable invite also works great for couples showers.
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