Aug 272012

Multiples & MoreI’m excited to have a guest post on the wonderful Multiples & More blog with 5 tips for parents of multiples. I took motivation for the article from a recent trip we took to the apple orchards with all 3 kinds (our 15-month-old boys and 3-year-old daughter). It was a brave, crazy idea but we couldn’t resist: good weather and the brief season for picking the most coveted of sweet apples, the Honey Crisp. It was early season, and though the orchards were crowded, they were nothing like they’ll be come September and October when apple and pumpkin picking hit their peak.

Wagon or Double Stroller?

As I mentioned in my last post, one of our twins is walking. Unfortunately, orchards are about the worst place for a wobbly toddler to be practicing his newfound skill. The paths between apple trees are uneven. The grass isn’t well mowed. And there are apples all over the ground. Even I nearly wiped out a couple of times. So we kept the boys in the shady comfort of their double umbrella stroller.

We were close to taking the Radio Flyer wagon instead. It handles the rough terrain better than most strollers. We held off, though, because we knew we had to take a hayride out to the orchards, and a big old wagon wasn’t going to fit. In contrast, no one even raised an eyebrow when we slid our folded umbrella stroller onto the haywagon. We had our hands full with kids and apples. People understood.

Taking Twins Out in Public

Our confidence for such an expedition was running higher than usual. Normally we’re homebodies, and quite happy to spend our weekends at home alone. But earlier this summer, we took our first vacation as a family of five to Traverse City in northern Michigan. Nothing like a 12-hour drive to test your parenting mettles, right? We rented a lovely little cabin on a small lake up there and really enjoyed it. Although we had a kitchen and used it for most breakfast and lunch meals, we had several favorite restaurants up there that we didn’t want to miss. So we went out to eat nearly every night.

And boy, did we get a lot of attention!

It must be quite a sight when our blond-haired, blue-eyed daughter and twin boys are all set up at the table. We bring a mobile base camp with us: padded high chair covers for the boys, coloring books and crayons for the girl, and little snacks and drinks all around. And since they were just getting up from naps, they were all pretty chipper. Most of the time, anyway. In one restaurant, our waitress admitted that all of the other servers kept telling her, “You have the cutest kids at your table!”

So we spent a great deal more time in public than usual, and it made us more confident to do so again. It’s not easy when your twins are little (much less so with a fleet-footed 3-year-old). But they’ll never be this young again. So we took a chance on the orchards. We came back hot and exhausted. The apples are long gone. But the photos and memories will last!



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